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“Rock and a Hot Date” is getting the final script treatment before production next week.

Before publishing all the ideas that go into this script I have to make sure all things are in place and all scripting is finalized before I proudly present it. I have had the idea for a few months now and have been adjusting them accordingly, but I dare say that it is time to shoot this beast!

It’s kind of funny how some ideas will just hit and some will just disappear. The original idea for this production came from a local Radio Show film competition. Due to some situations, I wasn’t able to enter. However, the original competition idea never left my mind. So I grew it, developed it, scripted it about three different times and endings, and it hit me. I have to go with how it originally came to me, which was in silent format.

Stay tuned for full details, but by the time this publishes, I should have my script finalized and ready for sending to the actors!

I’m excited to announce that this project is looking good to film next weekend!

This will be the first time I direct a short. Add tempting as it is to hand of the camera, going to branch out a bit. Hit the jump for the production details.
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