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Rough cut done!

All credits are where they belong. All scenes are faded and mixed where able. All audio has been normalized to get the best sound out of it all. Three songs total and with credits it runs 12:13. Not too shabby if I say so myself!

Waiting for feedback now.

Thoughts of Project:

I’m really happy with what it turned out to be. The music really speaks for itself and while I do not have multiple records or a studio recording to mix in with the live performance, I think the all around sound was captured quite well! I really hope to see these guys do more and maybe in the near future make a proper music video for them on some of the original works. Lots of potential.

Here we go! Working to make this musical performance to a rough cut stage tonight! Granted some outside responsibilities are causing me to be delayed in that goal, but I hope to be able to blog later tonight it is cut. Continue reading

Well friends, this has been long overdue and about gorram time I do it.

I helped a friend out by recording a performance which included a song he wrote and composed. It’s been on the shelf and the video and audio files waiting and waiting for attention. Finally… the love has been given.

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