This page is going to be dedicated to the workflow of pending creative projects. A few colleagues had advised to launch one and here it is! Currently listed projects are going to be using Acronyms for the sake of argument.

Projects currently:

  • WSJT – A feature length comedy. Currently 1st draft has been completed and being reviewed for a 2nd.
  • C.I. – A web-series adventure currently in pre-production.
  • NXN – A comedy currently in a re-write process from the original draft. Length has yet to be determined, most likely a short-film.
  • R&HD – A short silent comical film. Currently drafting the 2nd, most likely final script.
  • GP – Acquired permissions to look at a reboot of this series, Game Plan that we did during our Solar Shock Pictures years. Great story settings to blossom on.
  • UW – Untitled Suspense Project – Might be a first to delve into a little bit of politics and alternate versions of history.

There you have it. A page will most likely be setup for every production. Thanks for your interest!