Here is where you can find my current works either in theater or film.

Current Theatrical Productions: None. Next planned production is “42nd Street” at the Terrace Plaza Playhouse. I will be assisting with the tap dancing classes associated with the production.

Currently I’m tracking down the productions which have been published online. Most of them are pretty scattered as we were an independent film company and very naive to the scene. Now that I’ve learned from experience, this should be more accurate as time grows.

My IMDB Page:

Currently my IMDB page listing is pretty barren. I have yet to upgrade to a full profile at this time, perhaps that will be a goal this year as well. That will, however, list all my published works that were recognized from either film festivals, submissions, or other published works.

Beecher Baby Bouncer – My most recent film where I was an actor for Smuffking’s Production, based solely on a photoshopped image of myself, is now completed and available for purchase on DVD, BluRay, or viewable online.  Smuffking’s Page: You can view the feature here and support Smuffking if you enjoyed the production. We did have some voice-over cameo’s from Randal [Honey Badger Guy, warning: language] and Gilbert Gottfried. Story is simple, a guy likes to create a scene of bouncing babies off of balconies to teach a lesson. Simple, right?

Elysium – Ah, Elysium. This was Solar Shock Pictures main first stab a feature length. This was the second iteration of the story and my role as Clown. [Trailer] Arguably my favorite character and performance. It was a learning experience and reflecting on the film, there were things we’d all like to see different, but the fact that we got together, wrote it, worked out all story edges, and produced it with a zero-budget approach, it’s still something I’m proud of.

American Rejects – This was our second feature length film. [Trailer] We had a chance to get to branch out and hold auditions for all the local talent in Utah and it turned out some wonderful things. It was also one of our first main productions that was an attempt away from the complete dark and dreary side of the independent film scene.

Game Plan, the series – Originally for an Xbox 360 challenge to be featured on the Live Service, we finished out a series even though it took a few years to produce it all. (Site still alive, surprisingly) One of the more fun productions. We ventured into Podcasting with this and branched out with a series of ideas from it. I will be working on a reboot and taking it in a different direction than what was originally scripted.

There is a few of the productions and my history as a filmmaker, missing out are a lot of our short films and features from the 48-Hour Film Festivals. As a stage actor, I have held numerous roles, performances, and styles. I’m an experienced dancer [tap, jazz, ballroom, swing, etc] of 16 years, specializing in tap dancing. I have performed in ballets, such as Tin Soldier and The Nutcracker, as well as dance studio establishments. I have assisted with choreography for various productions, directed “Complete Works of Shakespeare [Abridged],” and worked with building a community theater from the ground up.

These have been privileges and learning experiences that have helped shape my skills, my knowledge, and introduced me to some unforgettable people. This is only the start.

Any current theatrical productions I’m involved with will be listed at the top of this page as well.

Thanks for taking the time and interest to review this page. Looking forward to entertaining you.