Reviewing the footage of Rock & a Hot Date… I’m digging it. I see a lot of my filming that needs work, primarily a review monitor to ensure ample focus would be a necessity, but given the resources at hand, I think I was able to capture a fun story!Really looking forward to this. It’s nice to say, “Yeah, we pooled something out of nothing.” Utilizing the talents at our disposal, I think we have a product that will be something to stand by and be happy with. I’m currently using Adobe CS6 before they upgrade to the CSS or whatever the newest entry to the Adobe Family will be in June.

Things I like a lot so far: All around look of the actors. Both of them pulled it off great. My kids were featured in it as well as their cousin and it is surprising to see them pull it off. It only cost me a few Barbies and a DLC for Battlefield 3 (Aftermath, for the fans out there), leaving the adult actors and myself with the satisfaction that we pulled a silly story into something that could be extremely entertaining!

Now to edit the montage… Queue the music… Montage!!