All primary shooting was successfully captured last night! Total shoot time was about 5 hours with two very dedicated individuals, one just barely running a freaking 5K Marathon in the morning! Details below:

Only one complication hit last night, and that was organization on my part. The minor complication was that we couldn’t get the Sugar Glass shot I was hoping for, but we are going to capture that tonight or tomorrow depending on the weather permissions. All in all, I was very thrilled to see it all come together, I hope to have a rough draft of it cut for music and SFX. I will probably work on getting a color treatment… possibly. Being colorblind, it makes it very difficult to get a color treatment that actually looks good, well to the general public anyway. I have long learned what I think looks great in the color world doesn’t necessarily mean it’s great.

So, today I capture all the footage and start organizing it before I have a get together with some friends tonight. Tomorrow I hope to have the rough cut edited. It shouldn’t take too long since it’s a silent film.

Rough cut trailer to be posted as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!