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Wow. I need an follow-focus lens. I didn’t do too badly, but some of these shots I’m going to have to pull the independent filmmaker routine of “it’s an… artistic decision.” Yeah, that’ll sell it.

Overall I’m thrilled with it though, seriously. The kids performance is holding up and at the current rate that it is looking, the total short will be closer to 9 minutes with credits. Not bad, not bad at all for a one-day shoot.

Looking forward to posting some teaser picture/materials soon after I get a rough look I’m after.

Thanks to everyone for your support and pulling this together!

Reviewing the footage of Rock & a Hot Date… I’m digging it. I see a lot of my filming that needs work, primarily a review monitor to ensure ample focus would be a necessity, but given the resources at hand, I think I was able to capture a fun story! Continue reading

All primary shooting was successfully captured last night! Total shoot time was about 5 hours with two very dedicated individuals, one just barely running a freaking 5K Marathon in the morning! Details below:

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Well folks, a little silence, a little delay, and we are finally here.

Today we will start filming a short silent comedy to be known as Rock and a Hot Date. Looking forward to my director’s debut in regards to a new concept, DSLR Canon 5D Mark II camera, and with a little bit of luck, and entertaining short which I will use Premiere CS6 to edit.

I will be filming with my children, Dave Clegg, and Meagan Mead. Let’s see how much move magic I still have in me!

More posts, pictures from production, and stories including the Sugar Glass burning that we will make work one way or another.