A few inquiring minds have asked about this short film in the works, well, allow me to elaborate! I won’t bore those who aren’t interested with the details, so hit the jump for the lowdown!

What’s the Tagline?

A romantic evening is spoiled by the ferocious and mischievous acts of the household pet rock.

The What?

You read it, folks. A mischievous Pet Rock is the cause of this man’s misery in a short comedic film I plan to shoot. A man’s day just keeps getting interrupted by the actions of this Pet Rock, appropriately named Rocky. Is it the rock or is it just some cruel prank? Time will only tell in this story.

Equipment Requirements?

Luckily I have just about all the equipment needed to make this happen. I have a sound effects guy, one Greg Anderson, and a music man, Nick Borrego, that should give this film the life it needs. The only equipment trouble I might encounter will be the actual lighting requirements. I have some canned lights that can work in a pinch but I don’t really have any professional lighting rigs. I’ve put out a feeler to some of the wonderful independent film organizations within my area, and hopefully it’s enough of a notice and short enough of a project that I can get someone to come in and give me a hookup.

Side note: Yes. We have a Pet Rock, so please stop calling with offers of your favorite rock from your petunia garden.


This one will be pushed into comedy film festivals. I’m going to try and get back into the film scene and no better way than to start generating unique and fun material and putting your best foot forward. I have a few local festivals that will be easy to get into, I’d hope, and with traveling or revolving competitive festivals, I hope to present it well enough to stand out. Of course, when all else fails? YouTube.

Here’s to a successful production!