I’m excited to announce that this project is looking good to film next weekend!

This will be the first time I direct a short. Add tempting as it is to hand of the camera, going to branch out a bit. Hit the jump for the production details.

This will be a first on many levels for me. I wrote it from a silly concept I had, and developed it accordingly. My wife was a huge supporter of the idea and has been pushing for me top get this into motion. Cannot thank her enough for that.
The story is simple and shouldn’t take more than a day to shoot. My current gear will be my camera [Canon 5d MII] and there is no need for audio add it will be a silent film.
What I need to acquire will be a decent lighting setup and my brother-in-law will help me in making some sugar glass for an effect shot we need to acquire.
My children will be playing in the show as just that, kiddos, and I have Dave Clegg and Meagan Mead will be my two main actors. The third major player will be called “Rocky” for now.
Silent short comedy film, sugar glass, children, and first time directing a film. This has the makings of adventure written all over it.