Well friends, this has been long overdue and about gorram time I do it.

I helped a friend out by recording a performance which included a song he wrote and composed. It’s been on the shelf and the video and audio files waiting and waiting for attention. Finally… the love has been given.

It’s not the ideal way I wanted to shoot the project, however, it worked out. I have three songs that I’m putting together and to watch them it makes me smile. The only hesitation I have is that I only had one camera (Canon 5d Mark II) and one audio source (Zoom H4n) which worked, but it’s not as artistic as I’d hoped. However, using the excellent sound controls on the H4n, I was able to find a good balance between the songs quiet moments and the incredible volume. All in all, very happy to have something to finally show for their extreme amount of patience. The rough cuts of getting the songs together, organized and synced with sound is finished.

Tomorrow I hope to have it finished after some responsibilities I have to do are fulfilled.

Here’s a pointless clip of humor to end your night. Goodnight, everybody!